Law Offices of Mark J. Warfel's goal is to provide zealous, insightful, and compassionate legal advocacy tailored to your specific situation. We explore all of your options to help you evaluate risks in order to avoid legal pitfalls.


We represent an equal number of men and women, and see our clients as good people who love their children and family. We seek fair and equitable solutions and healing resolution whenever possible. We make it as convenient as possible for you to obtain the legal documents that every family can use to plan for medical and financial emergencies, and to avoid high probate fees and family squabbling with a comprehensive estate plan that includes a will and trust, designation of trusted loves ones to act as your agent for financial and medical decisions if you are unable to make them on your own, and advanced directives to aid them in decision-making should you become gravely ill or seriously injured.  





Law Offices of Mark J. Warfel puts you on a level playing field: We are your Legal Equalizer. Meeting the needs of our clients since 1999 with high-value legal services tailored to your specific legal needs - personal, family and business.


The Law Offices of Mark J. Warfel understands that when your rights, children, family, business, real property, and retirement are at stake, you want honest, effective, and aggressive advocacy that takes "the big picture" into account, with the goal of preserving relationships and safeguarding your rights and property.


We help you protect your rights and help you reach your goals.  The best way to do that is to avoid problems in the first place with well-drafted trusts, powers of attorney, advanced health care directives, and other pre-planning.  Using your mobile device, you can save your family from emotional chaos, financial paralysis, and unnecessary taxes and fees, by beginning the process of setting up your living trust.

Mark J. Warfel

Senior Partner



Practice Areas: Estate Planning, Real Property, Family Law, Civil Litigation, and Appellate work.


Education: J.D. from UCLA School of Law; Bachelor of Arts, with Distinction, from University of Redlands; and Secondary Teaching Credential from Cal State Los Angeles


Attorney Mark J. Warfel has 20 years of legal experience in many areas of the law. He also has life experience as an educator (former high school teacher), coach (debate and baseball), father, and small-business owner. As a former debate champion, he is an excellent communicator, and he connects with people from all walks of life.  


As a marathon runner and Iron Man participant, Mark knows that reaching life affirming goals requires daily commitment and self-discipline to sacrifice immediate comfort in the interests of larger, long-term objectives.


After two decades defending good men and women in court, Mark now focuses much of his attention on helping people avoid heartache and disputes with well-drafted agreements, including family wills and trusts, preparing for emergencies by considering during the good times how to minimize disruption when life's challenges arise in the future.


"I help middle-class and upper-middle class professionals slay the twin dragons of social drama and legal quagmire."  

- Mark J. Warfel

• (626) 301-9327 • (626) 301-4440 • mwarfel@pm.me